Can’t attend The 'D' Word? Here’s how to still be involved.

The ‘D’ Word promises to be a fascinating day of discussion, reflection and thought-provoking ideas.

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A range of exciting talks are due to take place at The ‘D’ Word on Monday May 11th at the Unicorn Theatre. Speakers include actor Paterson Joseph, music agency chief and DJ Sharnita K Athwal, and theatre director Paulette Randall, who will be discussing subjects designed to challenge, engage and inspire. Writer and Radio 4 presenter Gaylene Gould, lawyer, businesswoman and broadcaster, Heather Barratts, and Theatre Royal Stratford East artistic director, Kerry Michaels, will also be speaking at the event, delivering talks on an eclectic range of topics such as: Producing with a live art embrace, learning to love differently, and diversity isn’t a dirty word - but could there be a better one?

The ‘D’ Word is more than just a live event, we’re using social media to include as many voices and perspectives as we can on the day. It’s vitally important that a discussion about creativity and cultural diversity is one that invites anyone who wants to be inspired to think differently, to also be able to contribute their own thoughts.

On hand, we will have a team of social media facilitators and commentators, who as well as using Twitter to summarise the points and share the questions that are raised, will be gathering the opinions and perspectives of those in the room and outside the room alongside images and soundbites and feeding back comments from Twitter into the wider conversation. We’re encouraging attendees to tweet their own commentary during the day, to raise questions, to share any emerging ideas that resonate.

We’ll be using Tweetbeam’s real time Twitter visualisation ( thanks to their kind support, so the conversation can be two-way.

Ideas can be shared from the event, and into the event, so please follow the hashtag and join the conversation.  Let’s explore new possibilities together. 

Full information here: A video suite of all the talks will be available on Friday 15th May.