nitroBEAT Pit Party - An Afrofuturistic Trip - SOLD OUT

An exploration into Afrofuturism by some of the finest UK innovators, featuring live music, lyricism & art. Aina More, Juice Aleem, Mission//Misplaced Memory, K3 Media, Roney Fraser Munroe, XANA, Jazz re:freshed, Ezra Collective.

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Promo created by K3Media's Michael Anthony Barnes-Wynters.
Music: Rock my Hologram by Juice Aleem.

A few words from Benji Reid

(Performance Architect)

It’s wonderful to be working with nitroBEAT and the Barbican on a show that explores Afrofuturism. I first got excited by the movement when viewing the work of Rammellzee, a legendary graffiti writer whose work inspired me to think about the Black imagination and space travel.

From Michael Barnes-Wynters eclectic visual art to Aina More, Xana, Roney FM and live musicians, this artistic collaboration offers us hip hop, jazz, performance art, spoken word and sound experiments in an intoxicating mix. The Bastion of hip-hop & futuristic thinking, Juice Aleem, is the embodiment of Afrofuturism, an early exponent of its philosophies. We don’t have to get bogged down in theory, the show is a celebratory and accessible journey, but it’s vital that this work is presented to uplift us because of the times we’re living in, where struggle is still apparent. To voice our experiences in a way that connects our past, present and future helps to uplift us spirituality, mentally and physically.