•Afropolitan Storeytelling

October 2014

Stratford Circus, London

“The Afropolitan consciousness is the refusal to oversimplify; the effort to understand what is ailing in Africa alongside the desire to honor what is wonderful and unique.”
[Taiye Selasi, writer]

Located across continents and with artistic influences from the Caribbean, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa and the UK, three prolific theatre-makers came together on October 18th 2014 at Stratford Circus to provide insight into their individual practice and tell us about their exciting new music-theatre collaboration.

Writer Oladipo Agboluaje, Director Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom and composer Felix Cross are embarking on an artistic journey together to bring to life a new love story – where actors are singers are musicians are dancers – through a dynamic mix of township-style storytelling, love-themed poetry from the Horn of Africa and new genres of music that are breaking boundaries and uniting the continent like never before.

Presenting their individual creative journeys, accompanied by video and audio clips, they introduced an exclusive first-look at their new collaborative project with short extracts read by cast member’s of Paul Grootbooms’ touring production and Afrovibes festival highlight, Rhetorical.

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Afropolitan Storeytelling Afropolitan Storeytelling Afropolitan Storeytelling Afropolitan Storeytelling