•The Nine Night


Bush Theatre, London | 24th March – 9th April
The Factory, Amsterdam | 12th – 30th April

Hamon Williams has lived in exile in England for twenty years. He calls a family gathering to propose that the family can regain its unity by travelling back to their homeland, Jamaica.

The Nine Night ritual for the dead is performed to help the troubled soul cross into Paradise and Hamon's nine night is a cathartic experience of challenge, self-examination and release, that allows him to travel back to Jamaica.

NB – There is an audio recording of Act 1 Scene 4 on the BPA - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Written by Edgar White
Directed by Rufus Collins
Design: Paddy Karma
Production Manager: Witty Forde
Stage Manager: Mel Jones
Sound & Lighting: Rudi Atwell
Poster Design: Kim Lyhne
Drumming: Cosmo
Choreography: Donna Phillip

T Bone Wilson: Hamon Williams
Dona Croll: Irene Williams
Jason Rose: Ferret Christian
Paul Stewart: Eulet
Sylvester Williams: Izak
Oona Kirsch: Lisa Wood

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